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Shenzhen Akela Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the Company), a strength-based company, is an integrated player in the industry 

combining its R&D, production and sales capabilities. The Company, with the idea of Being Practical, Innovative, Honest and Genuine, 

receives appraises and trusts, both at home and abroad.

The Company is committed to the production of metal-based crafts, with a combined line of computer design, molding, stamping, 

die-casting, corrosion, printing, stickers, paint baking, enamel, drip molding, welding needles, polishing, electroplating and others like, 

including gold, silver, copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloy, lead tin alloy, PVC, acrylic, badges, commemorative badges, 

keychains, bookmarks, medals, trophies, commemorative plates, refrigerator stickers, cufflinks, belt buckles, tie clips, wallets, 

commemorative coins, car aromatherapies, dog tags, pendants, etc. And the Company accepts domestic orders for the design and 

creation of albums and yearbooks.

The Company is dedicated to continuous invention and improvement, satisfying specific needs and requirements, for exquisite and 

portable crafts featuring a regional and ethnic touch.

Customers, both at home and abroad, are warmly welcome for negotiation and cooperation, for shared profits and win-win cases.

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Quality and exquisite products, professional attitude for values, quality for sense


Existing customers or new accounts are warmly received at this company, for an accurate picture of their specific needs or requirements. QC procedure is applied in a strict manner to ensure an on-time delivery. Quality issue is timely monitored and fixed.


The team is committed to the research and development of most recent and cutting-edge products and techniques, satisfying specific needs and requirements of customers and markets.

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